Thursday, February 01, 2007

More socks and a rant...

Still been busy with the socks! This is my latest made-up pair. They are really nice and comfy! The yarn was hand-dyed from Scout in a color called Lilacs in Bloom. It's a really nice combination of green, pink, purple and brown. I just love the way the socks turned out. In this first picture, you also see Ashley (The world's cutest and most cuddly kitty cat) getting her cute little butt into the picture. She was nowhere to be seen until the camera came out, then there she was, on the bar waiting to9 get into the picture! Brat cat!

Here is an attempt to get close up on the leg pattern. It looks like winding vines, but I haven't been able to get a good shot that shows the pattern very well.

The workouts are going well! I did 2 out of 3 last week and did my first one this week. I feel like I am starting to see a very minor difference. We will keep it up, one day at a time!

Now, I really need to rant! I will preface this by saying that I knew I would have to be pretty flexible when I took my new job. Since the new job really didn't exist before and they were kind of flying by the seat of their pants with the training, it wasn't a problem. The whole rant starts 2 weeks ago when I get an email at work letting me know that I have been "evicted" from my previous office home and needed to move to my new office home by the next day. This would have been enough notice if I worked days, but since I am on a compressed 12-hour work week, this only gave me one evening's notice. Not a problem, I came over to the new place, found my new "home", grabbed some boxes, packed and moved. So, I am all set up in my new home, but I do my work in my old home, so it involves quite a bit of hiking between the two buildings. Not a problem, I know that I will start working in my new plant (the one attached to this office building) in a week and a half. Well, I had a meeting with the boss today and found out that I am being switched back to the 5 day per week day shift again for anywhere from a few weeks to 6 months! If I wouldn't have asked, I wouldn't have found this out! That is scary ! So, needless to say, I am not a happy camper in the least bit! I LOVE WORKING NIGHTS! I LOVE WORKING COMPRESSED WORK WEEKS (3 days on, 4 days off then 4 days on and 3 days off the next week). Here is a list of the things I hate about switching back to days:

1. Traffic jams - now I have to try to time my commute to the huge traffic load on the roads at 7am. BLECH
2. Everyone works out at the gym at lunchtime - no more being able to get on a machine without a long wait
3. If I wanted to skate during the week, that is shot in the arse! Unless, I pay $4.00 per hour more to do freestyle skate at 6am before I go to work. (at $10.00 per hour!)
4. Back to working all the overtime I want for free... There is no such thing as an 8 hour day on days, it doesn't exist.
5. Meetings.... BLECH!
6. Only 2 days off per week!
7. No way I can go back to ABQ for a quick trip to go to SnB
8. No quick trips anywhere until I go back on nights
9. Too many people around to get any work done
10. I am NOT a morning person!

OK, I think I am done whining about this. At least I know that this is only temporary and I will be back on nights by this summer. Now, here is my list that I am forcing myself to make to think of good things about going back to days

1. I can work out 5 days per week
2. I can swing by my LYS after work
3. I can hit the local SnB group after work
4. I can get together with friends since my days off will be 'normal"
5. More time with hubby (although I don't believe this)
6. I can go to yoga classes offered at work
7. I don't have to take classes on my days off
8. I get to work doing something I have never done before
9. The cafe at work will have more than one selection for lunch
10. I can finally get some office supplies!

I ordered some more roving and a bunch of dye. I am going to try my hand at etsy again selling hand-painted roving and yarns! Not to make a lot of money, but it does supplement the "fiber fund" nicely! Look for me back up there in 3 - 4 weeks!