Saturday, October 21, 2006

Another Saturday night and I ain't got nobody....

Well, that's not totally true, the problem is that my somebody is 500 miles away right now and we won't be seeing each other until next Sunday...

So, what's a girl to do when she is alone, has PMS and is all bummed out??? SHOPPING!!!

I am not usually that much of a shopper, but the mood struck me today so I thought I would head over to the Chandler Fashion Center for a little entertainment. First, I have NEVER been to a mall with VALET PARKING... How freaky is that? I was also not prepared to be driving all over the parking lot to try to find a parking spot... The mall was PACKED at 5:30 on a Saturday evening. (I have to say, I never saw that happen in Albuquerque)... So, I went in and did a "browing experience". First stop: Build-A-Bear Workshop! This is my new buddy. He has no name yet, but his is very snuggly. Then, I decided to grab a bite to eat at the Cheesecake Factory, then stopped at Bath and Body Works. As I was leaving, they asked me if I wanted to take a survey, so I did and they gave me a $10.00 Gift Card... Pretty Sweet!

So, here is my checklist for a "Lonely Girls Guide to Saturday Night Pampering":
Teddy Bear? Check
Fluffy soft pink robe from Bath & Body Works? Check
Chocolate Mousse Cheesecake from Cheesecake Factory? Check
Stress Relief Sea Salt Soak from B&BW? Check
Trashy Murder Mystery? Check
Candles lit? Check
Nail Polish and Shea Butter Foot Cream? Check

OK, people in Phoenix are really weird. When I was coming home from the mall, SOME IDIOT ALREADY HAD THEIR CHRISTMAS LIGHTS UP ON THE HOUSE AND YARD AND THEY WERE LIT! People, it's not even Halloween yet, IT'S TOO EARLY FOR CHRISTMAS LIGHTS!!! There ought to be a law... Maybe the Fab Five can come down and knock some sense into these people??? LOL!!!

I found this cute little handbag at a bookstore in the same shopping center as my local Trader Joes. I thought it was so darn cute and it will make a great purse/knitting bag! TJ's update: Mac and Cheese is TO DIE FOR!!! Note to self: don't buy too much or you will eat yourself silly.

This morning after work, I went to Home Depot to get the cabinet and drawer pulls for the cabinets. I drove out to the house to drop them off and saw that our doors are on our house now! We also have a patio in the front, and all of the cabinets are in the living room! Fortunately (before we closed on the house) they found out that the septic system was not up to snuff and are in the process of fixing it. I didn't know that so imagine my shock walking into the backyard and seeing all of these mounds of dirt and this huge hole! The air conditioner is on the roof, the wiring is in place for outdoor light fixtures, the power "box" is on the house (along with the meter) and the front water faucet is in and operational. I may drive out to the house tomorrow and take pictures. Silly me, I forgot to bring my camera with me this morning...

Time for me to dig into a cheap trashy murder mystery and get into a soft fluffy robe, snuggle up with my new Teddy Bear and grab that piece of cheesecake out of the fridge...

Thursday, October 19, 2006

Rubber VooDoo Chickens

Yes, night shift is different!

I was going through my belongings in my office that I had moved from New Mexico. I opened one of my drawers and one of my co-workers caught a glimpse of my rubber chicken...

"What's that?"

"My Rubber VooDoo Chicken."


"It's a Rubber VooDoo Chicken."

"What is a Rubber VooDoo Chicken?"

"Do you know how all tools tend to have problems, some tools have more problems than others?"


"Well, the Rubber VooDoo Chicken is the great equalizer. With a Rubber VooDoo Chicken, it protects the tools from having problems and the tools run smoother..."

"Get out!!!"

"No, it's true. Rubber VooDoo Chicken really works! I used to have a toolset that had a bunch of problems. As a last resort, I got the Rubber VooDoo Chicken since nothing else was fixing the tools. Within a week, the tools started working fine and continued to work fine..."

"It's all a bunch of Hooey!"

"Call it what you like, but I trust my Rubber VooDoo Chicken to work and it does. When your tools start having problems, don't come crying to me..."

So, I will keep my Rubber VooDoo Chicken and be happy. I don't care if I work in a high tech industry, sometimes "folk medicine" will do more for you than equations!

Second night on night shift... Man, you get a lot of work done when no one is here! So far, so good. I didn't get much sleep today, but I got enough to make it through tonight. I went to see the Dr today and got a prescription for Ambien to help on the days that I am working night shift. I figure it can't hurt and will hopefully keep me from waking up while I am trying to adjust to nights. In a few weeks, I don't think I will need it any longer. We will see...

House stuff: Still waiting to find out when we are going to close on the house. I am keeping my fingers crossed for the 2nd week of November. I am out of town 3 out of 4 weeks in November, so I would like to have the closing done so when I am back, I can unpack and start getting settled. I am not sure what is holding up the house now, I think it is still the doors. Rumor has it that the cabinets may be going in next week!

Wow, it gets really dark at night out here... REALLY DARK!!!

Off the face of the planet again...

Remind me to blog about the last two weeks, there was so much going on that I have not had time to update...

List of things I need to blog about:
1. Talladega Road Trip
2. House Update
3. Arizona State Fair
4. The final product from the hotel dishwasher dyeing experiment

Yes, it is 5am and I ain't blogging because I just woke up! We started night shift last night and I have about an hour left before I head home and crash out! I have done more here in 11 hours than 2 normal workdays on day shift. I am finding a treasure trove of information out there for my training and having a blast digging into it! Have I mentioned that my ADD medication doesn't last for an entire shift? Oh lookie! I found a Kit-Kat bar in the drawer of my desk!

Since I got back, I have finally found time to do some spinning! I found some delicious Superwash Merino wool dyed in some awesome colors at another LYS I visited on Tuesday before the fair! Now, I just need to find out where I can get some Superwash Merino Sheep and I will be set!

Another discovery, daytime TV really sucks!!!

I found a Trader Joe's close by! This week, I will be trying the Mac and Cheese, some Brioche, some tamales and Quiche. The miso soup they carry is awesome, I am totally hooked on their granola with TJ's nonfat yogurt for breakfast (or dinner for you normies) and the escargot are to DIE FOR!!!

Who had the brilliant idea to show NASCAR and my Beloved Gators AT THE SAME TIME???

Chiropractors are good! My hips hurt but my neck feels better than it has in years! Maybe after a few more treatments, I can get back on the skates again!

The weather has finally cooled off to the mid 80's!

I am coming home again between October 29th to Nov 1st. Yes, I will be at Stitch and Bitch on Tuesday night... Still at Flying Star Cafe??? I have decided that I love the compressed work week because it gives me more time off for the weekend! Now, if I can just get my family down here to Phoenix, it would be perfect!

Great things about working night shift:
1. Traffic is going the other way
2. Great parking spots are always available at work
3. Go to work and it is light out, come home from work and it is light out!
4. 12% shift differential
5. Peace and quiet to get work done efficiently
6. At 5am, everyone is a bit loopy
7. Get to go to the fair when no one is there
8. Can schedule appointments and not have to take time off of work
9. Esthetics school is open for discount facials when you are not working
10. Can knit in peace on my lunch break!