Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Yes kids, September is National Chicken Month

I learned that little factiod today. So, now for the eternal question: Since all sorts of exotic foods taste like chicken, what does chicken taste like? (Insert frog joke here...)

Spinning class is tonight. I soaked my sheep fur and discovered what mild agitation does to sheep fur. No biggie, I will be learning to card it tonight. I have my spinning wheel and carders in the back of my car waiting for the class.

The house is finally coming along. We went down there this weekend and the walls are all done. We just need our kitchen, our master bathtub, our flooring and the electrical stuff taken care of and it will be done!

I am headed back to ABQ this weekend! I am very excited. I fly in on Friday night and fly out on Monday night. That should give me time to do stuff around the house, get some packing done, get my child's school records cleared to be released and make any other things happen. Hubby was down over the weekend and we had a blast! I really miss him!

Phoenix is still HOT! Someone told me the weather is cooling down. I guess if going from highs to 107 to highs of 99 is cooling down, they must be smoking something good! I can't wait to see weather in the 80's again.

I have found a couple of new blogsites that seemed like a good read. Strong women, check out the last 3 links under my "favorite knitty links" on the side bar.

If anyone would like to get together when I get back to ABQ, let me know!