Saturday, October 28, 2006

Baby got a new pair of shooz!

Aren't these the most fashionable shoes you have ever seen? No??? Well, they are great and they are saving my butt (and back) at work. They are Z-Coil shoes. Lots of folks at my last factory wore these when they worked on the floor. They SWORE by them that they were comfy, lasted for years (the spring in the heel usually needs to be replaced yearly if you are really rough on the shoes) and were great when you were in the factory on the floor for long periods of time. Our factory started offering a reimbursement of about 1/3 of of the cost of the shoe, so I thought I would give them a try. I'll let you know the final verdict on them when I have worn them for a couple of months. Primary conclusions? Well, doing the tight "nursing" lace up was rough on my ankles the first night, but my feet felt GREAT after wearing them for my normal 12 hour shift! They also seem to have helped my back feel better after being on my feet all night long! Now, I need to find out if they can be claimed on the taxes ;-)

No blogging in a week??? This means I am either busier than crap or nothing has happened all week... Guess which one it was???

My work schedule was totally messed up this week. I had 1pm classes on both Thursday and Friday, so I ended up working 1pm to 3am on those days (to make up for cutting out at 3am on Wednesday night). So, my training time on the floor was cut down but the classes made up for it! Learned a heck of a lot! Training is going well. By the end of next week, we should have done our preliminary learning on all of the tool so when I head to Austin the week after next, I will have some clue of what I am doing...

I am flying out at 8:oo on Sunday morning to head back to ABQ! I am REALLY excited. The suitcase is packed and in the back of the car. I will be headed right from work to the airport to park the car, check an empty suitcase and get on the plane! Why an empty suitcase? I need to bring some warmer clothes back with me for the night time chill... I discovered this evening that wearing jeans under the gore-tex bunny suit is way too warm, so I will go back to my normal shorts and T-shirt when I come home. Why am I wearing jeans? The weather in ABQ is cold!

Great thing about living in AZ? I am still using the AC in my car in the end of October!!! I am still wearing shorts and flip-flops during the day! This is really cool!

I fly back from ABQ on Wed afternoon, work Wed - Fri night, have Saturday and Sunday off then fly out to Austin, TX on Monday morning for 2 weeks of training. Then, I fly back to Phoenix for a week (a week which I really hope to be spending getting stuff moved into the new house) then I fly back out to Austin for another two weeks. So, I ain't going to be home much between now and the 2nd week of December. (Note to Lori: Yes, I want to get together. Since you will be laid up, I will drive down to Houston. I am not sure if I will be in Austin the weekend between since we may be closing on the house on Monday, Nov 13th and if we are then I will be flying back to Phoenix to sign papers. I will let you know more as I get more information...) Let's put it this way, I signed up for Southwest Airlines "frequent flyer" program when I moved to Phoenix in August and I will have earned a free trip by the middle of November... That is pretty sad....

OK, here is one strange mamma-jamma of a site... For all of you crafty women out there who are not squeemish about that time of the month... The blowgun looks good for those PMS days... It also has instructions for an ammo belt... Pretty cool!!! I wonder if a female teenager could use this as a science fair project (she would have to be pretty damn gutsy and have a teacher with a great sense of humor!)

I made a strange realization at work last night... In the two weeks I have been on night shift, I have not seen a single female on the factory floor. I asked about it and there are not very many women working this shift in general... Weird...

Time to get back to woofing down my dinner from Pei Wei before it gets too cold to enjoy. The cafe doesn't have squat for food choices for night shift workers. I better enjoy brown rice while I can for next week I diet... I need to lose about 35 lbs since my $&@#% jeans don't fit me anymore. Back to lifting weights and cutting the rice, bread and other bad carbs out of my diet! I figured I would give myself until Halloween to enjoy the chocolate fix then be a good girl. If I can lose the entire 35 lbs by next spring, I will be a very happy camper! Then, I may even venture out in a bathing suit again.