Friday, June 01, 2007

Proud Mom moments

My baby just graduated from High School. This is a picture of Chris and I after his graduation ceremony. I am SO PROUD of him! Yes, I am wearing a Hawaiian shirt to a graduation ceremony. What do you expect? It's rural Arizona, it was close to 100 degrees when we got to the school and it was Memorial Day weekend. Besides, isn't it my job as a parent to embarrass my offspring whenever I can? LOL!

This is a few days before graduation. Does the kiddo look totally petrified or what? This was his swearing in ceremony for the Navy. Yup, not only did he graduate from High School, he also enlisted in the Navy that week. So, I am now a Proud Parent of a Sailor! He departs for Basic Training on Dec 5th. Right now, he is down staying with his dad in Florida for a bit. He will be helping his dad move and will be working with him over the summer.

This was an example of 2 of the weeks that I have had since I last blogged. It has been absolutely wonderful!

This is my mom and I at the Grand Canyon. My parents came to visit for 2 weeks in April. It was AWESOME. We took our first trip to the Grand Canyon, we watched the NA$CAR race in Phoenix and had a great time visiting. We learned a lesson that day... When the wind gusts are 50+ MPH, it is a BAD time to go out on the scenic overlooks at the Grand Canyon. The weather was a bit cold (hence the jackets) but the scenery was breathtaking. WOW! We had a lovely dinner after we did the bus ride for the day.

This is the Grand Canyon at night. Yes, this is a real picture of the Grand Canyon, not just a black square.

After my folks left, my hubby's folks came for a visit. It was lots of fun. We only had the weekend together, but it was a lot of fun. They live up in Santa Fe, so we can visit them more often.

We have had lots of visitors to our place. My bestest friend from way back in Elementary school, Julie, and her hubby Loren came out to see the new house. We grilled some steaks, had lots of wine and a tequila tasting and played cards. Great times! Julie, the Orchid looks wonderful! All of the flowers have bloomed and it is very happy getting southern exposure!

This is what my Dear Sweet Hubby and my Wonderful Kiddo did for me for Mom's Day. Isn't it purdy? They put in a fountain in our front patio. It is so nice to have the water feature in the desert! We are using our waste water from our reverse osmosis system to run the fountain and water the plants! We wanted to do something with the waste RO water rather than wasting it by letting it run down the drain.

This is my new baby, the Louet Victoria. What do you think? I wanted a wheel that was a little more portable than my other baby, the Lendrum. This wheel has been great. Right now, I am spinning some of my hand carded Shetland fleece that I washed. I have discovered a lot of great things about this wheel. Even though it is a double treadle, you can use one foot to do all of the treadling! This is a GOOD thing when you have a broken toe and can only use one foot to treadle. (My hubby's shower bit me the other morning.) It is a very smooth treadle and it is a great wheel! Yes, I still use my Lendrum for the majority of my home spinning but this is nice to take with me to SnB and I can carry it onto the plane! I am hoping to order a Woolee Winder for it in the next couple of weeks!

Being on day shift bites! I have NO TIME to do anything anymore. My dyeing has taken a back seat and I don't get nearly enough time to spin! I was supposed to go back to nights in May, but it looks like that will be pushed out to October at this point. I am learning A LOT by working on days and I am very happy to have the opportunity to learn, but I really miss my 3 and 4 day work weeks.

Should I go to the Estes Park Wool Festival?

Lori H, can you send me your email addy? I have lost it!

Ziggy Kitty went to the Rainbow Bridge on March 8th. We miss him terribly.