Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Not much going on right now...

It's Wednesday. I finally got my bragsheet done for our mid-year review at work. This is the most stressful time for anyone here. It only took 4 revisions and 2 weeks to finish! I hope it does the job! The family has all left for their various parts of the country... We miss them already!

On The Needles: Almost finished with my socks! The Toasty Toes yarn is such a pleasure to work with. I wish there was a place to purchase it locally.

Meow and Woof watch: Roxie found a new friend last Friday. She was laying down in the back yard licking on something. She got up to come to the sliding glass door and there was a female mallard duck. Poor thing was alive but not moving much. We went outside, picked her up and called the vet (figuring they would know a wildlife rescue to take Roxie's new friend over to). The vet decided to keep the duck and nurse her back to health then release it. The duck had some soft tissue injuries, so it may take a week or so for her to heal, but the duck will be OK!!!