Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Holy Garbonzo Beans, Batman...

Have I mentioned I have ADHD??? ;-)

Yes, it's December and nary an entry for 3 months...

Things are going well... Just got home to ABQ after being on the road since December 1st.

We spent week one on a cruise to the Bahamas, St. Thomas and St. Martin. Beautiful! Went with DH, my parents and a couple of girlfriends. Also on the cruise was my favoritist NASCAR driver, Rusty Wallace. (YUMMY!) The weather was absolutely beautiful. We wandered around Nassau for a bit and I picked up a really nice perfume called Sexual. I have been looking for it in the States since then with no luck. Guess another trip to the Bahamas will be in order when I run out. We went out on a Catamaran (SP?) on St. Thomas and did some snorkeling. Snorkeling is one of my other favorite activities. There is nothing like the feeling of being still and becoming a member of a school of fish. Awesome. We went over to the French side of St. Martin (Marigot) and had an absolutely delicious lunch at a little French Cafe on the marina. Picked up some nice French Milled soaps and a beautiful rose sachet (along with some killer French Bordeaux). Then, we were back on the ship for the last couple of days of our cruise. Our dude in the piano bar (where we lived every night) was awesome! If you are sailing on Carnival and have a piano bar player named Ron Pass, go SEE HIM!

The next week was taken up with a business trip to Portland, OR. Good stuff, learned lots!

After that, I repacked my bags and went down to Florida to be with the family for the holidays. The weather was a bit chilly, but the company was the BEST!

Now, we are back in ABQ with our 2 dogs, 11 kitties, the iguana, fish and everyone else in the house.

Figure skating: Well, I must confess I have been off of the ice from October to mid-December. I injured my shoulder trying to get my motorcycle out of a strange parking situation. (NO, I DID NOT dump my bike...) That kept me sidelined for a while. I got 2 days on the ice down in Florida and I will be back on the skates on Friday here at home. Doesn't look like I have enough time to put a program together in time for the competition here in April, but I will try. Debating on which song to use, I have a K.D. Lang tune, a Dire Straits tune and a Bowling for Soup tune as the top 3 finalists. My second competition will use a Sesame Street song that I have always wanted to use!!!

Motorcycle: Injured shoulder kept me out of the toy run here in town. Now that it has healed and I am back, I will be riding it more often. (Now, I know why they made chaps. In 30 degree weather in the morning, they work wonders!)

Knitting: I have been really busy in this area. I am finishing up on a sweater that I am making with Ecological Wool. I finished one earlier, but I didn't like the fit. Still got some socks on the needle (from the cruise) and I will be starting a Wimple when I get the sweater finished. I saw a woman at work wearing one (never seen one before in my life). I looked at it and said "Self, you can knit one of those up in a week!" So I am going to head down to the LYS (AKA Village Wools) and pick up some fun yarn to knit it with... A HUGE Thanks to my MIL for the Gift Certificate to Village Wools as a Christmas Present! I will try to post some pix tonight, if I can find my camera. Last time I saw it was on the cruise...

New Years Resolutions (I don't usually make these...)
2. Post weekly
3. Get on the ice at least 4x per week
4. Turn the sewing room into a guest room that I can hang out in to get away from it all!