Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Catch-up and Mustard...

Kitty cat roll call: Ziggy, Killer Shrew, Maus, Mewstradamus and Entropy...

Hmmm, where to begin???

Since Sunday my world has gone to "the place where the guy dressed in red with the pointy horns and pitchfork lives" and back... (Gotta be family friendly). Monday, I went into work and it all broke loose within the first 1.5 hours. I got the bragsheet (Rev 2) to the boss by the end of the day. OK, so the end of the day was 7pm, but I got it to him. I put my entire working life on hold for the afternoon and locked myself into a conference room with a large stash of sugar! It worked! Tuesday, it was still broken loose. One problem was waiting for confirmation of a fix, the other blow-up we eliminated some suspects and found a couple more... Today (I think we have made it to Wednesday), I sent Rev 3 of my bragsheet to the boss, still waiting for confirmation on the fix and the other problem seems to have narrowed to one suspect toolset. Finally, I have a chance to breathe at work! Hey, I may get out of here by 5 today :-)

I finally got my refill on my ADD prescription. I ran out on Monday, so I had to use a leftover dose that was half my normal dose. Yup, everyone at work noticed a HUGE difference... One of my friends here commented I was "flighty". Now, that may work well for an aerospace engineer, but it doesn't cut it in semiconductor processing...

Last night, I made it to our STITCH AND BITCH meeting... (Say it loud, say it proud!) We started working on our Jaywalker socks! Here are some pics from Scout and Carole.I am using Opal Rainforest with size 1 needles. Today, I am finally seeing the pattern. It is SO COOL! I will put up a pic of the progress when I have enough time to be home and operating a camera.... (Maybe Thursday or Sunday...) Why are people who don't knit so amazed at the work that people do while knitting? My boss thinks it is really cool (and has brought people by my cube while I am knitting on lunch because this is a really strange sight to behold...), co-workers comment on it all of the time... I don't understand it. I do this so I don't go off the deep end...

My kid was visiting some friends in Clovis over the holiday weekend. He came back with his hair dyed BLACK... Now normally, the kid has light brown hair, so this is still taking a bit to get used to. I asked him if he was going "goth" and he looked at me and said "Are you kidding me??? They are WEIRD!" Yup, that was the pot calling the kettle black... I should know, I proudly consider myself weird also!!!

Ice time - haven't had any... With the tool issue and the BS keeping me busy throughout the weekend (including going into work both Saturday and Sunday) and the beginning of this week, I haven't had a chance to breathe and sleep regularly, let alone skate. I am hoping to get onto the ice tonight for a bit and see if I can continue the streak of good edges and good skating. My Friday lunch skate is shot this week. We have a new engineer (that will be shadowing me next week) that we are taking out to lunch for a "welcome to the family..." event. My group here at work is absolutely the BEST! I couldn't ask for a better bunch of people to work with...

music meme!

List seven songs you are into right now. No matter what the genre, whether they have words, or even if they're any good, but they must be songs you're really enjoying now. Post these instructions in your journal/blog along with your seven songs. Then tag seven other people to see what they're listening to.
1. Intuition - Jewel
2. Wrap your arms around me - Barenaked Ladies
3. Landing in London - 3 Doors Down
4. How Do You Do - Mouth and McNeil
5. Beverly Hills - Weezer
6. You and Me - Lifehouse
7. Breathe - Anna Nalick

Ok! I want to know what everyone else is listening to, so consider yourself tagged!