Friday, June 16, 2006


Picture by Tim Hussin/Indedpendant Florida Alligator. (The UF school newspaper... and I think this one is an Independant Florida Alligator...)

Man, I just love dropping off of the face of the earth... Having life turned totally upside-down is a gas, also...

I read on MSNBC.COM that folks who get migraine headaches have higher sex drives. Yup, I will attest to that one!

OK, first, I have my surgical consultation on July 5th to discuss getting this unknown lump out of my breast and get it biopsied. Until then, no news...

Kiddo is in summer school. Lucky guy. So, I have been spending my lunch hour at work for the last couple of weeks playing "Mom's Taxi".

Work is a total mess. My favorite boss left a couple of weeks ago to go pursue greener pastures in another company. Right before our mid-year reviews... BLEH! (Yes, that is the task I am putting off to do this). The euphamism of rats deserting a sinking ship is coming to mind. I have been working to bring in a new process to our factory for the last 6 months and guess what happened??? (I think the punchline is obvious) We aren't getting the new process... GRRR... We found out about that a couple of weeks ago. Earlier this week, they made the announcement that they are WAY over headcount and need some of us to move to other facilities. Our choices? Either Phoenix or Utah... We can stay if we want to, but we may not have work if we do. So, I am now putting my name into the hat to try to move to Phoenix to start up a new facility there. No idea when we will hear anything about it. I am asking for a position in Oregon for a few months to get training, then I would be back in NM for a bit then to Phoenix for good to work at the new place. My bestest friend from elementary school (middle school and high school) and her hubby live there, so it would be fun to be close to them again. Why, in heaven's name, would I move to Phoenix? Here are my reasons:
1) Compressed work week! Yeah! It would be 12 hour shifts, 3 days on, 3 days off, 4 days on, 4 days off with NO ON CALL!
2) Night shift engineering! I have wanted night shift engineering for a long time!
3) Opportunity
4) I like living indoors and having food to eat
5) Culture - more concerts!
6) NASCAR (yup, anti-culture) - a NASCAR track in the same town??? Hell yeah!
7) Year-around motorcycle riding
8) The idea of 115 degree days and feeling like I am living in an oven somehow appeals to me right now
9) A change is due...

Yes, this is the first I have really told anyone about this. Hubby and I talked and agreed it's a good idea. I am really looking forward to a new opportunity to make a difference and I would love to be able to do it in a more modern factory. Yes, there are downsides (leaving friends here is the biggest one) but it's not leaving for good, it's just playing in another sand box for a while. We will know more in the next month, but nothing immediate. If I got the seed position in Oregon, I would leave in August. If I get a sustaining position in Arizona, we would leave next summer sometime...

Time for vacations! Hubby and I are heading to Phoenix on Tuesday night for a couple of days to go see a Zappa concert. I come back on Friday, work Mon - Wed then leave for Indianapolis to watch the US Grand Prix! I LOVE watching cars go in circles at high speeds! It's even more fun when they turn left and right...

I am thankfully off of the new ADD med that was giving me migraine headaches. I only took it for 5 days, but that was more than enough...