Tuesday, June 27, 2006

On Da Road again...

<-Not my cat... It's one of the Jetty cats in Florida.

So, how is everyone doing on this fine Tuesday?

Wow, where to start... How about business before pleasure?

The job search is going very well. I had my first phone interview last Friday. It went pretty well. I sorta blew one of the technical questions, but the rest went well. I will find out next week if I am selected to go to Phoenix for the second round. I have another phone interview for a different position a week from Friday and I am waiting to hear from the third position. It looks like a move to Phoenix sometime between September and December of this year if I get one of the positions. This is a little bit quicker than we were anticipating, but not a problem. Last night, I was reading a book about Adult Children of Alcoholics and it mentioned how difficult job changes were to us because we are afraid of change... No big revelation there, but now I know why I have been such a schkitty-kitty about the whole thing. My poor hubby has put up with me through this whole thing, bless his heart.

Last week's trip to Phoenix was a blast! We got down to Julie and Loren's on Tuesday night around 11pm, chatted for a while, had a glass of wine then crashed out. Wednesday, we did breakfast at the Cracker Barrel (MMMMM, Sweet Tea, my favorite!!!) then went out and looked at model houses until 4pm. We went back to the house to change clothes, went out to Cooper'stown for dinner (a sports/rock-n-roll restaurant owned by Alice Cooper) and headed out to the Zappa plays Zappa concert. Man, what an excellent show! They were tight, even during improv segments. Some of the musicians were playing two instruments at the same time without missing a note (like sax and keyboards) which was pretty impressive. That had to be one of the best shows that I have ever seen! The complexity of the music along with the mistake free execution was something I have not witnessed in a LONG time! On Thursday, we went out looking at more model houses then came home. We found our dream house! OK, we could technically afford our dream house but we would have no money left for anything else (like important stuff such as yarn, vacations, etc) So, we are planning to scale back on the house a bit and pay off some bills. It's funny how age and wisdom will sneak up on you and make you fiscally responsible... LOL!

Tomorrow morning at 10am, I am off to Indy to watch pointy cars go really fast in circles turning left and right. I am really excited! I am heading out there with some of my co-workers. I think it will be really cool to see these cars up close and personal. These engines hit 19,000 RPM on a regular basis, that itself is pretty dang impressive. (since my car doesn't like going past 3500 RPM without raising a fuss). Thursday we get to go in the pits and check out the cars up close. Friday and Saturday are practice and qualifying for the cars and Sunday is the race. I am charging my camera batteries as we speak! Have I started packing? Nope. Have I come close? Nope. I will be running around like a mad woman tonight after SnB. A bunch of us (7 or 8 of us) are sharing an empty apartment that one of my co-worker's sisters manages. This saves us a TON of cash on hotel rooms. Now, I need to find the air mattress so I have something to sleep on for the next couple of days. I know it is at the house somewhere... Man, I am looking forward to this vacation!!!

Watch out where the Huskies go, don't you eat that yellow snow!