Thursday, August 17, 2006

Texas.... Has some sheep fur in it...

OMG!!! Greasy, sweaty men who work on cars... Yummy!!!

OK, time to play another round of catch up...

Let's see, since our last episode a lot has happened (and that is why I have not done a lot of blogging). August 11th was my last day at work at my old factory. I got all of the training packages together, packed up my cube, hugged a bunch of people and left the place that has been like home to me for the last 5 1/2 years. That was really tough. I know that the new place will be a lot of fun with more really neat people, but I hate to say Good-Bye.

The Tuesday before that (8/8), I got together with my SnB grrlz to say good-bye. Amy and I were both leaving that day and it was Carole's birthday. Many pitchers of margaritas later, we said "see ya later". I will be back to ABQ to I am sure I will see them very soon!!!

Sunday (after all of the terrorist stuff going on), I packed the suitcases and flew to Austin, TX. ABQ airport has a new security device at the airport so if you are flying from ABQ you may want to leave about 15 mins early to make it through the new security. I have been down here since then for a training class on the new tools I will be working on. This tool is large and PURPLE... REALLY FREAKING PURPLE... I told the instructor on the first day that if we power up this tool and it starts singing "I love you... You love me..." I would beat the crap out of this tool with a large stick... LOL!!! So far, no singing... The tool is really cool!

In Austin, I have learned a few things. First, the people in Austin drive worse than anyone in NM... Second, not all women in Texas have big hair (but they do pick their noses in their cars in morning rush hour traffic, EWWW!) Third, there are some pretty neat folks out here and not all of them think that they are God's Gift to all creation! Fourth, I discovered some really great local sheep fur. I went to an LYS called Hill Country Weavers on Congress Ave here in Austin after class today. I picked up some really fun colored sock yarn and asked them about their rovings in stock. They took me to a house across the street (where they do classes) and they didn't have much roving, but what they had was sweet! I picked up this brown ball of sheep fur that was absolutely DELICIOUS to the touch. I asked the woman in the store what kind of sheep fur it was and the response was "It's Texas Roving. I don't know. It could be Romney. Wait a minute, it might be Corriadale. I don't know. I just know it's from a local rancher but I don't have his name." Great... I find some of the softest roving I have ever laid my paws on and I can't get any more... So, if anyone has a clue what sheep it might be from, please let me know. It's a light brown color with some assorted straw and weeds in the roving... This LYS is really cool and has a great selection of yarns... Stop by there if you are ever in Austin!!!

Last night, one of my friends from Jr High and High School (Lori) came up from Houston and we went out for dinner and to chat. It was a REALLY good time. We started at this place called Cuba Libre and had martinis, plantations and Sataki. On Thursday nights, this bar features $10 Martini and Manicure. Sounds weird to me... We ended up heading out for Thai food after that and chit-chatted about lots of stuff till the wee hours of the night. I am looking forward to coming back to TX in November and visiting her down in Houston. Yup, she is a Rocket Scientist! (Sorry, but anyone who works at, with or for NASA is a Rocket Scientist in my book!) I really had a great time!

Time for me to go to bed... for some reason, I am just beat today. I don't care if it is only 8pm. The beds at this hotel are TO DIE FOR! I hope the afterlife has beds like these!