Thursday, September 28, 2006

My spinning class is over...

Happy Birthday to my husband, Mike!!! He's 29 again ;-) I wish I was there with you tonight!

This week's lesson was learning how to ply our yarns. This first picture is my first 2-ply yarn. Yup, it's balanced! I was so happy. The class was so much fun! I really learned a lot from the class and I am really glad I took it!

This picture is my first attempt at "Navajo Plying". No, it's not balanced but I really love this way of plying. I plan to wash it tonight and set the ply to keep it from twisting.

This has been one hell of a week.

I have been playing "musical rooms" at the hotel this week. The hotel is doing some remodeling and needed to recarpet my room. So, I had to move all of my crap into another room on the other side of the hotel for 2 days while they redid my room. They were supposed to call me when it was done, but they didn't and put someone else in the room for a night. We got the problem taken care of and I was able to move back in my room last night and back into my bed. When there is so much change and chaos going on in my life, I really need SOMETHING to stay stable and my hotel room is it...

House update: looks like the end of October to the middle of November before it's done. I am not staying in a hotel room until then, so I am in the process of trying to rent a room or rent an apartment until it's finished. What a PITA... (PITA = pain in the *ss). I will keep trying to find a place that will rent month to month until the house is done... BLEH!

We made our reservations to go to Talladega next weekend, that should be fun! I am headed out there with my parents, my two aunts, my hubby and a friend of the family. This should be a hoot! We are driving from Orlando up to Talladega, AL to watch the race for my aunt Nettie's birthday!

Work is still a blast! I got a fun surprise today. One of my old co-workers from Albuquerque was at the plant and stopped by to say "HI"! That really made my day. We weren't able to hook up after work but we did chat for a while today. It's always nice to see some familiar faces in my new workplace! Thanks for stopping by!

I am soaking some more sheep fur to try to get some of the dirt and grease out of it. I am looking forward to a night of spinning wool and watching football. Later, I will take a glass of wine and take a nice bubble bath!