Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Headed to watch cars to roundy-round

Yup, I am headed back home to Florida tomorrow. I am taking a trip up to Talladega, AL with these three lovely ladies (Barb, my mom and Aunt Nettie), my hubby, my dad and Aunt Susie! We are all getting into Orlando tomorrow then packing into a van and driving up to AL on Friday. We will be watching races on Saturday and Sunday then driving back down to Orlando on Monday and we are leaving to come back to AZ on Tuesday. It should be a LOT of fun!

Well, I am also going to be moving to night shift in a week and a half. I just found out yesterday that my training plan has been changed and I will be training with a new set of folks starting on October 18th. It should be some fun, intense training. The good part about moving to night shift is that I will be on my 12 hour days, which will give me more time between working shifts. So, I will be able to spend more time back in ABQ with hubby, the kiddo and friends! I am excited. I am not sure when I am coming back, but I think it will be before the end of October...

No house news yet. Delays, delays, delays... I think we will be able to move sometime in November, but I am not sure. I meet with the real estate agent today to sign some more papers and hope she has another approximate date for move-in. Until then, we just wait and wait and wait and wait...

I am such a lazy bum! I have done NO spinning since Sunday. I have started doing yoga again. There is a really nice yoga studio (who knew they had such things???) in Chandler which is a couple of miles from work. I went to class on Monday and did a Yin/Relax yoga class. Man, it was just what I needed. And, I have discovered I am really tight. It will take a while to get my flexibility back. Tonight is a meditation yoga class, so I will see what that is like. After class, I am headed home to pack for the trip! I need to check the stupid security guidelines again to see what I am allowed to take and what I can't take. The main concern is the contact lens solution that is only allowed in packed luggage (the last time I checked). I may be able to take a 4 oz sample size in my carry-on, but I need to check.

OK, I am officially an adult now. On Monday, I had another eye exam. Every year I go in for these exams since I wear contacts. Well, the last month has been tough. I couldn't read street signs clearly any longer and I was having a hard time seeing close up. So, I got the exam and found out my prescription had changed! Now, my distance vision has improved but my near vision has gotten worse. Yup, it's time for bi-focals... LOL!!! So, I chatted with the eye doctor and he is having me try some multifocal contact lenses. Supposedly, the multifocals can correct both distance and near vision in a contact lens. I have had them in since Monday afternoon and I absolutely LOVE THEM! I can read street signs again! I can see close-up again! My arms are no longer too short for my reading! This is great! Some people do have a problem with adjusting to the new lenses but I think that adjustment took me all of 15 minutes on the drive home to get used to them. Maybe it has something to do with wearing contacts for 15 years, or maybe I was one of the lucky ones that gets used to them very quickly. The true test will be this weekend at the race. For work, they have done just what I needed them to do. I can see small parts in the tool again and I can stand a normal distance away to read things! This is even better than sliced bread!!!! For anyone who may be in the same situation or about to experience the same problem, give these multifocal contact lenses a try.