Thursday, October 19, 2006

Rubber VooDoo Chickens

Yes, night shift is different!

I was going through my belongings in my office that I had moved from New Mexico. I opened one of my drawers and one of my co-workers caught a glimpse of my rubber chicken...

"What's that?"

"My Rubber VooDoo Chicken."


"It's a Rubber VooDoo Chicken."

"What is a Rubber VooDoo Chicken?"

"Do you know how all tools tend to have problems, some tools have more problems than others?"


"Well, the Rubber VooDoo Chicken is the great equalizer. With a Rubber VooDoo Chicken, it protects the tools from having problems and the tools run smoother..."

"Get out!!!"

"No, it's true. Rubber VooDoo Chicken really works! I used to have a toolset that had a bunch of problems. As a last resort, I got the Rubber VooDoo Chicken since nothing else was fixing the tools. Within a week, the tools started working fine and continued to work fine..."

"It's all a bunch of Hooey!"

"Call it what you like, but I trust my Rubber VooDoo Chicken to work and it does. When your tools start having problems, don't come crying to me..."

So, I will keep my Rubber VooDoo Chicken and be happy. I don't care if I work in a high tech industry, sometimes "folk medicine" will do more for you than equations!

Second night on night shift... Man, you get a lot of work done when no one is here! So far, so good. I didn't get much sleep today, but I got enough to make it through tonight. I went to see the Dr today and got a prescription for Ambien to help on the days that I am working night shift. I figure it can't hurt and will hopefully keep me from waking up while I am trying to adjust to nights. In a few weeks, I don't think I will need it any longer. We will see...

House stuff: Still waiting to find out when we are going to close on the house. I am keeping my fingers crossed for the 2nd week of November. I am out of town 3 out of 4 weeks in November, so I would like to have the closing done so when I am back, I can unpack and start getting settled. I am not sure what is holding up the house now, I think it is still the doors. Rumor has it that the cabinets may be going in next week!

Wow, it gets really dark at night out here... REALLY DARK!!!