Monday, July 23, 2007

I love cloudy days in the desert

Here is my progress on Mystery Stole 3 after clue #3. So far, it is progressing very nicely! I don't know what happened but (knock on wood) this pattern is going quite smoothly since the really rough start. I still count stitches after the right side rows (with all the K2Tog and yarn overs) but we have come out evenly after each one so far... I am still debating whether to do the extra extension on the stole and at this point I think I will add the extra length even if it means getting a little behind the rest of the group.

I am such a geek! On Friday, Mike and I decided to go to the Harry Potter movie then go to B&N at midnight to get the new Harry Potter book. I spent all day on Saturday reading the book from cover to cover. I will NOT give any spoilers from the book in case you haven't picked the book up yet or in case you haven't finished reading the book. I am now on my second read through of the book. My son got me hooked on this series and it has been an interesting series to read through.

I have a cat that climbs ladders. Remember the pic I posted about the cat on the ladder and not knowing how she got there? The other day, I watched her climb the ladder, step by step. She's quite the little acrobat!

It is now official, I AM ON SHIFT! YIPPEE! That means I am actually writing this from home at 10am on a Monday morning and on my personal laptop! I don't start my shift until Wednesday night at 6pm so I have a 4 day weekend this weekend and next weekend! What a relief! I made it through all of my preliminary certifications last week so I can be on shift with the other guys who are already there!

When they call this "The Monsoons" they are not joking. Since the beginning of July, we have had The Monsoons. A couple of them have been real frog chokers! The rain has been so heavy that it has washed out our dirt road 3 times now. Today is a cloudy day so I am expecting a real frog choker to come tonight. The lightning has been incredible and we have gotten a TON of rain. It feels like living in Florida in the mornings, the humidity is quite high!

Since I am back on nights, I am also back to ice skating! I got them sharpened last week and got back onto the ice. I am still trying to get my balance back after not being on the ice for 6 months but it is slowly coming back. Maybe by the end of this week I will be back to spinning and jumping again! Now, I just need to find a coach down here in Phoenix!

Back to knitting my shawl. Mike is getting the ceiling fan hooked up in the bedroom and I am sticking around the house to help him out today. That means a bit of knitting time while I wait!