Thursday, July 26, 2007

Whatever gets you through the night

Another good use for strainers from IKEA, they make wonderful kitty beds... Boris is doing the test drive! He was NOT impressed that I woke him up to take this picture of him.

Carole, my thoughts and prayers are with you. This is a tough time for you but please remember to take care of yourself and remember that you are loved!

My first night back on shift is coming to a close and I have stayed awake for the entire shift! Yippee! I really am enjoying being back on nights again! I didn't touch my knitting tonight but I did have lots of fun in the factory.

Last night (in my world, 2 nights ago for normal folks) my hubby and I went out to OzzFest and saw Ozzy in concert. Wow! Talk about bringing back some memories from when I was in high school. The concert was pretty good but the people watching was great! It was a blast! We are headed out to see Rush on Friday at the same venue.

I was knitting on MS3 and wasn't paying enough attention to the knitting until I realized that I had knit 20 rows WRONG! 20 right side rows on the wrong side... Grrr... I am still tinking this mistake. Maybe that is one of the reasons that I did not touch my knitting this evening. What a mess! That will learn me not to pay attention to my knitting.

DH got all of the ceiling fans in the house on Monday. The one in the bedroom is a GODSEND! I am looking forward to getting home in an hour, putting that puppy on high and getting a good days sleep! The first night switching over to night shift is always a bear!