Friday, June 06, 2014

Fun with Dusan and Nancy

We have moved to our new place. We are out in BFE in a data black hole. It took us a week to get any internet service. We went from a speed of 30 MBPS down to a whopping 1.5 MBPS. This will take a bit of getting used to.

So we have unpacked and I decided to start playing with my Magic Fit Pants - part of the Designing with Dusan series. I worked on the dress pattern then on the pants. For a little extra help, I took out my Fitting Finesse book by Nancy Zimmerman. I was curious how close I would get by just using the instructions in the Magic Fit Pants kit.

The kit claims that it will fit all sizes (28 inch to 60 inch hips). I followed the instructions and drew the pattern onto a roll of paper. When I double checked the final pattern to my measurements, I was very happy to find the created pattern was really close. I made one change - adding 1 inch to the high hip area. Crotch depth measured within 1/2 inch of my measurements.

I was able to get the pattern on paper and pinned to my bedsheet muslin. Tomorrow, I will cut it out, sew it up and see how the first fitting comes out. I am really excited!

Once the pants are fit, we will work on the Magic Fit Dress.

I have finally started a notebook to track my sewing adventures. Is find that I am making calculations, changes and fitting stuff that I end up doing over a couple of days. With the notebook, I can pick up my changes where I leave off when I put my sewing down.

I am now going to need to make window coverings for our bedroom and living room. I have never made window coverings before. That will also be covered in future blog posts.

Have a great day, everyone!