Saturday, May 24, 2014

Moving - what treasures we find

The posts will be sparse until the first of June. Hubby and I are packing our belongings and moving to the new place. It is a bit smaller than our current place (OK, it is a LOT smaller) but it is in the middle of nowhere and the place is beautiful. So, we are sorting what goes to new place (sewing stuff, books, clothes), what goes into storage (brewing stuff, some wool, a spinning wheel) and what goes to the thrift stores.

While I was going through some boxes from our last move, I found this treasure:

The copyright date is 1974. It is instructions on how to make bodice, skirt and dress patterns with some awesome tools like bust and waist dart markers, French Curves and a cool instruction book to make "Mod" fashions. I paid $2.50 for this treasure at a thrift store in Tempe, AZ when Shaelyn and I were out hunting for fabric at the SAS store by ASU. This gets packed in the "must keep open until we move because I am still using it" sewing box. 

*Dances around the room singing "Happy Happy Joy Joy"*