Monday, January 02, 2006

A good day to sit home...

and watch BOWL GAMES!!!!

This is our old fart, Ziggy... I have been hanging around for the last 15 years, between Florida and New Mexico. My favorite toy is furry rattle mice, and I like any GIRL kitties! Humans are really neat too. I especially like walking on their heads at 3am and giving head butts so they wake up and give me pets and loving...

We just got back from watching our beloved Florida Gators play against the Iowa Hawkeyes in the Outback Bowl... 9am is WAY TOO EARLY to get up on your day off to watch football. The good news, our Gators won, but it wasn't the kind of win anyone wants their football team to have. If you are an Iowa Hawkeyes fan, folks, you really got the shaft from the officials. There were 3 totally bogus calls (in our opinion) including the non-existant offsides call on the onsides kick that should not have happened. I feel like the best team did win, but it is never a good feeling to win a game in that fashion... Having been on the other side of bad calls for many years, we can totally relate. On the positive side, Urban Meyer made one call that showed me he is going to take this team places. On 4th and 1 (in the 4th quarter) on the Iowa 20 yard line, Urban calls a fake punt and gets a first down. NO ONE watching the game with us at Coaches Sports Grille was expecting it! Man, that boy has some big ol' "male reproductive hanging appendages..."

Now, just hanging out watching the Ohio State/Notre Dame game in the Fiesta Bowl. I have been told that watching the whole game will exempt me from attending Mass for a week. If I cheer for Notre Dame, I am exempt for 2 weeks and if they win, I am exempt for a month :-) Go Irish!!!

After watching the game, I took hubby out to our LYS to shop for yarn for his scarf. Here is the progress I have made on his scarf to this point. I am not sure what I am going to do with it, I would like to do some shadow knitting with it, but I am not sure what pattern I will use! Time to let that gel in my mind! We bumped into Scout at Village Wools. She is going to be working on the CUTEST purse!!! Looks like another great future project!

Tomorrow, it's back to work again. The good news, I get to ditch the on-call pager on Wednesday am... That means we can FINALLY open up that bottle of French Champage we got for our anniversary last Saturday and drink it... Yummy!!!

Time to watch the games!