Sunday, January 01, 2006

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year to everyone!!!

As we keep the family introductions going, the top picture is Boris. He is Fromage's brother (we have the 3 brothers and one sister from this litter. Yup , we are a bunch of softies when it comes to kitties). The picture below that one is Ashley (aka Mooch)

Dinner at Zinc last was absolutely exquisite! Where do I begin? We had the brie with wild mushrooms as an appetizer, awesome... My hubby had the goat cheese and blood orange salad, I skipped the salad course. For dinner, the staff was able to put together a vegetarian dish for my hubby (since no veggie dish was on the menu) and I had the tournedos. OH MY GAWD! The tournedos had the most delicious sauce on them, it was out of this world. For dessert, we got the Godiva Chocolate Cheesecake... Words can not do this dessert justice... It was awesome (be sure to pair it up with the Port, it is heavenly!) If you are in Albuquerque and you want a place for a great dining experience, THIS IS THE PLACE!

Yes, Ashley is asleep on the fishtank. She enjoys sleeping up here since it is nice and warm!

Not much going on today, will be staying around the house, lighting a few candles, watching some football and doing some more knitting...