Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Man, I really HATE being sick!!!

In keeping with the current trend, here is another one of our fur kids. Her name is Maus (short for Fleidermaus. When she was a kitten, her ears were WAY too big for her body, so we thought she looked like a bat... Since she has grown into her ears, we have shortened it to Maus, for the primary color in her fur. She is a muted Calico)

Man, I really, really, REALLY HATE being sick... I have been taking up valuable real estate on the couch since Tuesday am with something... Monster headache with cough on Tuesday, today the body thought it would be a great laugh to go from being really hot to really cold whenever it felt like it... This sucks!

On the knitting front, I am making some progress on the light purple sweater. I haven't done much work on it since lying down taking naps has been a bit more appealing the last two days. Today, I did attach the arms to the body, so I am now starting the yoke decrease. This time, I think I purchased the correct amount of yarn. If not, I may make a hat or mitties from the extra, depending how much is left over...

Now, I am sitting here, drinking water and watching the Texas/USC National Championship game. If I make it to the 4th quarter, THAT will be a feat!