Tuesday, March 14, 2006

California, Day 9, almost done

Yes, this is what I drove through on Sunday morning to get to the beach in Santa Cruz to go look at the sea lions (the pic that I posted yesterday)... It was still snowing when I took this picture... Now, being from Florida, I am not used to driving through snow to get to the ocean...

I am going home tomorrow morning... WOO-HOO!!! Yippee!!! Unfortunately, no first class upgrades were available... Booo.... So, I need to head to the store tonight to pick up some food for the plane, since it leaves at 6:20 am and NOTHING is usually open at the airport that early...

Things I will miss about California:
Good Wine (and LOTS of it)
Sea Lions
Sushi in the cafeteria
Toblerone bars in the vending machine
Green... All over...
Rain (and LOTS of it)

Things I am looking forward to in Albuquerque:
Hubby & kiddo
My own bed
Stitch and Bitch
My birthday next Tuesday (the 21st...)

Tonight, the packing starts... I picked up a duffle bag here at work so I don't have to worry about being over the 50 lb limit with all of the stuff I picked up this last week... Way too much yarn (is there really such a thing???) and wine... I have a 4 pack carry-on, but still need to pack 2 other bottles... Time to see if there is any bubble wrap around here that I can steal to wrap the wine bottles in... I have one last tool fingerprint to do then I can head back to the hotel and start packing everything and making sure the iPod is charged for the trip...

Now, the important question, start the clapotis or finish the socks on the trip???