Monday, April 03, 2006

It's Great... To BE.... A FLORIDA GATOR!!!

I don't believe it... I absolutely DO NOT Believe it!!!

Congrats to the 2006 NATIONAL CHAMPIONS in Mens Basketball, THE FLORIDA GATORS!

What a game!!! We went out to Coaches Locker Room with most of the Unofficial Gator Club here in Albuquerque to watch the game... Yup, I am still very superstitious... So I knit... A LOT... DURING THE GAME... Hey, even my boss sent me a page to stop knitting... Well, I didn't stop knitting... AND WE WON!!!

This is Century Tower... One of the landmarks on campus... We are with all of you celebrating at the O'Dome and on University Ave tonight!!!

'Neath the Orange and Blue VICTORIOUS
Our love shall never fail
There's no other name so GLORIOUS
(From the Florida Alma Mater...)