Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Tinking upon the great mysteries of the Universe...

Yeah, that's it!!! The cat got into my knitting bag and knit 4 rounds of my socks using the wrong stitches!!!

When will I ever listen? When will I learn??? Carole was just talking about this last night at our SnB group... Bring simple projects... If you bring a complicated project, go to SnB and have a beer, you wind up with F*'ed up knitting... Guess what I am spending my lunch hour doing today? Tinking the 4 rounds of sock knitting I did at SnB last night... LOL!!!

I am finding that tinking gives you time to ponder upon the great mysteries of the universe... Questions are popping up in my mind such as "Why did I decide to try to use black yarn on size 1 needles on a project??? Was I smoking crack again???" and "Would a psychic be able to predict the weather better than a meteorologist???" and "Will drinking catnip tea give me pointy ears like Spock from Star Trek???" and "Do I need brighter light or stronger reading glasses???"

AHA! I found it!!! Lesson learned, do NOT put your knitting down in the middle of the row. Your sock may get turned inside out and you start knitting back over what you just did and all the stitches come out backwards... D'OH! I didn't think that the Mosiac socks would be such a challenge. First, I took the book's advice and cast on 84 stitches for the sock. Tried it on after an inch, too freaking big... So, I frogged it and went down to 70 stitches (which by the book would be too tight for my foot). Tried it on, fits fine... Go figure... 1/2 inch to go and I can start on the pattern!!! WHEE!!!!

Well, I heard through the grapevine that our LYS just got a HUGE shipment of Koigu in... There goes my yarn diet... Time for a little SEX after work... (Stash Enhancement eXpedition)

I am also pondering submitting a short syllabus for a class on knitting 2 socks on 2 circular needles at our LYS... First, I am afraid of rejection... Second, I am not sure if I should teach toe-up or cuff-down (I am leaning towards cuff-down). Third, would anyone be interested in taking the class??? I guess I will ponder it for the rest of the day and drop the idea by the folks at our LYS and see what they think... It's worth a try...