Monday, May 22, 2006

And who's brain was it?

"Abby... Somebody."
"Abby Somebody.... Abby Who?"
"Abby Normal"
"Abby Normal... So you are telling me I put an abnormal brain into this body?"
"Uh.... Yes..."

That has got to be my favorite part of the movie "Young Frankenstein". ROTFLMAO!

I sold my first yarn today! Etsy sent me a note saying I had someone buy my Pink Houses and Caribbean Blue Yarn! Yippee! I have my new multi-colored yarns going up sometime later this week!

I went in for my "repeat" mammogram and ultrasound. This time, they took 4 additional pictures of my right boobie and one didn't turn out so I got to get an additional boobie squeezing on that side. I have come to the conclusion I would rather have a pap smear and gyn exam any day over the boobie squishing maching... OWIE! The results came back and there is a mass in my right breast that is not a cyst or fatty deposit. I am going back a week from Tuesday for a biopsy on the mass and we will go from there. Hey, a day off of work so I can have needles inserted into my boobie and possibly have the mass cut out, whoopie!

I have not been a real sociable animal in the last week and a half. I really don't feel like dealing with anyone right now... It's hard to describe. I have no fear or dread of the future. I know deep down that everything will be OK, even if this is a bit of a struggle in the short term. Hell, I can't go, that would leave too many people in my life that I would have to come back and haunt! I plan to live to 90-something and I will NOT be changing those plans anytime in the next 50 years! It's that things that used to be so important are no longer all that important. (Work is topping that list). I think this is my "Higher Power" telling me that it is time for me to truly look at what I value, look at my life path, look at what I still need to teach and what I still need to give back to the World before I am done. Kind of a "spiritual tune-up". It's necessary, but not easy by any means. I have learned a few lessons in the last week and half, but I think there is so much more growing and changing to do before this "crisis" is over. I think it is totally ironic that I was working as a test knitter on the "booby socks" and now, I am in the midst of it.

Now for those of you who haven't been paying attention during the last week and a half: GO GET YOUR MAMMOGRAMS! PLEASE! The life you save will be your own!