Sunday, May 21, 2006

The Dyeing Be Done!

This is what was sitting in my garage a few hours ago... My first attempted foray into the world of putting more than one dye color onto a hank of yarn... The one on the far left is just an experiment, the second one is my secret pal yarn, the last two were stuff I messed up on last night after watching my race... The white stuff on the end??? Well, it got it's own special bath today! I decided to throw all caution to the wind and start dying hanks in more than one color! So far??? I think it's OK...

If you are my special pal in the Dye-O-Rama swap, look for these goodies to be arriving at your door very soon! (and how did you find out what my blog was???)The yarn is aqua, yellow and green with striping in it! (Although, I will confess, not the exact striping I was hoping for..) I came to realize today that I am not a machine, I do not make perfect yarn and that is all that there is to it :-)

My digital camera is not good at capturing the true colors of the yarn. I think I need to start taking the pix outside...

So what else is going on??? Hmmm... Going with the folks I work with to the Isotopes game on Thursday... That should be lots of fun... Get to skip a half day of work tomorrow for a Dr appt, should be ok... Kid is done with the regular school year on Tuesday, he is really excited. I am going to the Formula 1 race in Indy in July, that is REALLY COOL!

I will put up more pictures of dyed yarn when I get them dried and wrapped. I have 2 of them that I am really excited about! But, I can't wrap them till they are dry, which should be sometime tomorrow afternoon!