Friday, May 12, 2006

Why don't men have to go through this?

On Wednesday of this week, I went in for my first-ever mammogram... WHEE! My question is why don't men have to go through a similar non-invasive check (like having their balls put in the same contraption)? I had my well-woman check on the first of May and my Dr gave me the form for a baseline mammogram. I went on Wednesday. I had no problem with the "nekkid" part of it, but having my boobies squished in a giant machine, that sucked. My boobies really REALLY hurt. Then, the tech had to do a second picture on my left boobie since the first one didn't turn out right. Yeah, another chance to get my boobie stuffed into a steel and plastic vice... Fun stuff! Worked on my shadow shawl in the waiting room while I was waiting for results. The second picture of the left boobie turned out just fine and I would be getting the results in the mail in a couple of weeks.

Today, I got a phone call. I have a second mammogram appointment set up for a week from Monday at a different office. Apparently, they found an abnormality in my right breast. Now, I do monthly checks and I haven't felt anything. It was strange, I was driving to work after my first mammogram and I had this feeling like something wasn't right and they might find something. (So either I am psychic or I am really in-tune with my body.) The lovely woman on the phone was trying to be very reassuring that the second exam is usually OK (with no problems found) and that the cancer Dr here in town is having great sucess with lumpectomies and that the screenings being done at this office have resulted in VERY early detection so that the Dr has not had to perform very many masectomies. She told me that this appointment will take about 90 mins (rather than the 30 mins for the first one) and that they will explain in detail what they found on the first exam, what is found at the second exam and what will happen after that.

A little background: At my first post-partum check-up after I had my son (who is now a 17 year old man), the Dr found some abnormal cells during my PAP smear. (Family history: Grandma died at the age of 58 from Overian cancer, I have 2 aunts with hysterectomies from cancer. Mom is the only one in the family with her uterus still intact). Upon further review, they found I had the beginnings of cervical cancer. They froze my cervix, cut out the offending cells, and I have not had a reoccurance since then. This is why I faithfully go for my yearly well-woman checks.

What does this mean? One of two things will happen. First thing would be that all is OK with the second exam and I have nothing to worry about. Second thing would be that they find something wrong. If that is the case, it's early! It would also give me some time off of work to play with dyeing yarn (now THAT is a plus!) If it is found, I look at it this way, I beat it before, I can beat it again! I have a feeling in my gut that it will be the second option, hopefully I am REALLY wrong about that!

So, to all of you women who read my blog, DO YOUR MONTHLY CHECKS and GET YOUR MAMMOGRAMS!!! I love every one of you and want you to be here with us for a LONG TIME!