Monday, May 19, 2014

Fun with Darts

Today, I have finished altering my pants sloper pattern. I cut it out of muslin and worked on the first fitting. My biggest worry is making sure my rear and my tummy fit into the pants. I did not put in a zipper since I didn't think I would need it. As I have played with the fit today, I have discovered that I need to pick up a zipper for the last bit of fitting.

Here is the first result:

Snark is being my fitting kitty. As you can see, I have not placed any darts in the pants yet. These pants need darts. I do like the room, so I think the side seam increase worked well. So I decided to start with my back darts first.

The back darts seem to work well. I just realized how flat my backside is... The front darts are what I am working on next. I pinned a couple of up and down darts on one side....

I also tried some slanted darts on the other side
I like the slanted darts. At this point, I realized that I actually DO need the zipper to keep adjusting the fit... Rats... So I will put the sewing down and run to Wally World for a zipper. Once I have placed it, I will put both sets of front darts in to see which one looks better. Then I will finish the waistband and make sure the final look is good.

After the pants sloper is finished, I am going back to the dress. I am going to undo a bit of the overlap that I put in to get rid of the gaping in my neck and high bust area. Then research the bodice, adjust the armholes and then that dress should be ready to make.

We think we have found a couple of places to rent. Lots of box packing starting on Wednesday. I will still have sewing to keep me somewhat sane, LOL! When we get settled in the new place, I am going to spend a day or three working with the serger and getting it up and running. I will need it for the pants and some knits I would like to start. I have a really cool blazer that I am dying to start!

Happy Sewing, everyone!