Sunday, May 18, 2014

Get to go into work early, whee!

Why do I have a problem getting sewing related tasks done?

This is Ashley, aka Boo aka Buddha Cat. She is my resident sewing room kitty. I am working on altering a pattern and she decided to help. She also loves the ironing board, especially if the iron is on and I am pressing seams.

I changed my mind about my pants slower pattern. I read on the inner-webz-tubez that there are 2 different crotch styles for pants - American style and European style. The European style is cut differently and has a longer backside crotch. So, I decided to try the Burda pattern for pants sloper.  I am making a couple of minor alterations since I am bigger than the largest size they sell. I am adding some width and increasing the crotch depth.i hope to get that done before I leave for work at 1:30.

Tomorrow, I will cut out the pattern onto a bedsheet and do a first fitting. I will post more pictures as I work on the pattern.

After work, I also plan to go over one of my Craftsy classes. I have enjoyed both of the classes I have taken: Fast Track Fitting and the second class In The Details. She really has a logical way to go through alterations and it is the method I have been using successfully to alter my patterns. As a beginning sewer with drafting experience, it made so much sense to me. 

Time for me to eat and head off to work. Have a great day, everyone!